Celebrity Big Brother or as it's known as on social media #CBB starts on the 1st of August and I'll be honest, I normally don't watch it, the wife does, so it's on in the background whilst I am either a) working b) reading c) falling asleep or d) all of the above.  Watching a job lot of jumped up wannabees and egos wrestling to be King or Queen, playing up to the camera and basically talking a load of crystal balls is something I do most days, just by watching the paranormal groups on social media.. 

But if our crystal balls are correct, then lovers and fans of the paranormal should press the series link button as the legend that be Derek Acorah is rumoured to be on it. To be fair, he is rumoured to be in the show every year but our psychic senses are tingling more so than ever before. 

WE LOVE DEREK, he is a paranormal institution, a lovely man, someone who has been around longer than most of us in the paranormal and full credit to the man, he was part of the most iconic of all paranormal TV shows, probably bigger than the show itself, to be honest. Has survived more paranormal scandals than I have had a go with dowsing rods (about 4 or 5 - not a big fan of dowsing rods, if I am honest) and has probably come up with the best ever quote from a paranormal TV show ... EVER:


Obviously, we don't know that Derek is going in for sure, and if he doesn't then this blog post is rendered pointless and has given me RSI for no bloody reason. But trust us, when we asked out pet K2 meter to light up when we asked "is Derek going in the Celebrity Big Brother house?" it lit up like bonfire. Obviously we needed to make sure that this wasn't a fluke so we used The Alice Box this time and we asked the same question "is Derek going in the Celebrity Big Brother house".... what happened next blew our minds, so much that Mary would've been impressed.

Is this concrete proof that Derek is going in the Celebrity Big Brother House or not? I tell ya, thank you ALICE... you are simply the best, better than all the rest.

So, there you have it, concrete proof from the paranormal that Derek Acorah will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother House, let's hope he can sneak Sam in, pass the security guards. Celebrity Big Brother starts on Channel 5 on the 1st of August. You can follow the twitter chitter chatter by using the #CBB.  Let's support Derek and make sure he beats some one from TOWIE or Loose Women, there's always someone from TOWIE or Loose Women isn't there? We want the paranormal to be on Channel 5 as long as possible. Oh, unless the show is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.. 

#dontbenormal BE PARANORMAL

Paul Stevenson, Haunted Magazine


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