Issue 14 - The Enfield Haunting

38 years ago I was but a mere young boy, out on my space hopper at the weekends, thinking I was the Fonz from Happy Days, listening to Showaddywaddy and The Bay City Rollers and for many years I thought that the biggest thing to happen in 1977 was the death of Elvis Presley. How wrong was I?

Thanks to power of TV Drama “The Enfield Poltergeist” case has been spirited into the modern paranormal world engaging a whole new audience, it’s the biggest thing to grace the paranormal for a long time and it seems apt that HAUNTED pays homage and respect to it from its origins and its real-life cast to its current make-over and dramatization of what happened? Issue 14 of Haunted Magazine features exclusive ‘Enfield’ interviews with all thing past and present as well as its usual plethora of quality researched, written & designed paranormal content.

We are FREE magazine about the paranormal and consider it our duty and privilege to take you on a spooky journey with over 120 pages of things that go bump in the night from cover to end. ENJOY!!

And remember #dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!