Haunted Magazine 31 [2:22] is OUT NOW!

Haunted Magazine is packed full of paranormal, stuffed with supernatural, garnished with ghosts & even drizzled with a dash of “demons”. If you fancy a ghost story, if you want to know how to help a family in a haunted house and so much more Haunted is the magazine for you. There’s even a free magazine inside too. #222aghoststory #helpmyhouseishaunted

Haunted Magazine 31 is now available to order! SNAP UP YOUR COPY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. #DontBeNormal BE PARANORMAL!!

IMPORTANT Please ensure your address details are up to date in PayPal to avoid any extra postage fees. Haunted Magazine does not employ remote viewing elves, fairies or any other psychic methods to locate new customer addresses. Thanks in advance!
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Haunted 31 ROW - £16.99 inc P&P

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