Haunted 26 - To Hell and Back AGAIN!


We aren't psychic but if you're anything like us you are probably climbing the walls at not being able to pop to your local haunted location for a spot of ghost hunting! We all need to stay safe, look after ourselves and each other and be kind. We are living through a time like no other. But we still need to laugh, learn and keep our brains active and we're hoping that, with our fingers crossed, Issue 26 of Haunted is here to help! You can pre-order your copy now to experience our supernaturally safe distanced magazine packed full of pure paranormal pleasure to help you through these unprece(NOPE DON'T SAY IT!) times.

Haunted Magazine 26 £3.99 inc P&P

Haunted 26 Inc P&P US

Haunted 26 Inc P&P Europe

Haunted 26 Inc P&P Rest of World

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Please ensure your address details are up to date in PayPal.

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