Issue Zero: Where it all began...

Hello friends, fiends, phantoms and phantomesses(?). Welcome to Haunted Digital Magazine Issue Zero. This is the second Zero edition as we started in print at Zero too. Before we went into mass circulation, it is common for a test issue to be produced and this is ours!

We had to change from print to digital. With rising costs and some rather nasty competitors at that time, we had to evolve very quickly to a brand new format to keep going. We had way too much material from genuine quality sources and with the rise of iPad and Android tablets, we thought now was the time to go digital.

What you will see with Haunted Zero is a rough and ready featured packed paranormal bazaar and horror express! With dark photography, ghost hunting and a few genuine twists and turns.


* Nightmare Analysis - Haunted style
* Little Dead Riding Hood
* SRI Investigation
* A massive feature on The Human Centipede 2
* The Vampire Chair
* Haunted at the Movies
* The Old School Haunting and much much more...

Available from the App Stores.