Haunted Magazine Issue 28 - Truth Seekers


As we slowly try to embrace the new normal, Haunted Magazine is back, in time for Halloween, to take on board the “new” paranormal, the rule of 666, no hugging, no high-fiving, no sharing biscuits and ghost hunting whilst looking like a strange concoction of a midnight cowboy, a scary orthodontist and Dick Turpin. We are back to hijack some of your paranormal time and take you on a journey from the comfort of your home, a paranormal journey, none the less.

We’ve joined forces with the great people behind the new Amazon Prime Video show Truth Seekers to bring you something pretty special along with all the usual awesome paranormal features that our writers have come up with, including a lost issue of The White Sheet, (all will be revealed soon). You will find out more as the days of October tick by. The truth will be revealed. After all, we are all seekers of the truth, are we not?

Haunted Magazine 28 UK - £3.99 inc P&P

Haunted Issue 28 US - $17.99 inc P&P

Haunted Issue 28 EU - €12.99 inc P&P

Haunted Issue 28 ROW - £13.99 inc P&P

Truth Seekers coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. Enjoy the trailer here:

All magazine are despatched with proof of postage once released. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

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