Issue 12 is for life, not just for Halloween!

We say that with a paranormal tongue in our cheek as, purely coincidentally (honestly), we launch Issue 12 of Haunted a few days before October 31st!! Having nearly reached the “teenage” issues of the magazine we are hastily prepping ourselves from being the nice kid on the block to adopting the “rebellious” and “angst ridden” rage against the paranormal machine stance. We’ll stop being the quirky kid of the paranormal genre and become the quirky ‘spotty’ kid of the paranormal genre. 

Joking apart, we are embarking on a massive change here at Haunted HQ, we’ve always been innovative with our ideas, features and design, always been prepared to take a risk and always welcomed the chance to shed our skin and re-invent ourselves, it’s what keeps us going. We’ve built up our audience over the last couple of years by taking this stance, we don’t profess to understand the paranormal nor do we try to explain it, we don’t preach to you and tell you the way it should be, we do what a magazine should do – ENTERTAIN YOU!! You are the devourers of our paranormal bread and butter, sometimes it toasted, sometimes it cuts triangularly, and sometimes we tease you with extra fillings of jam – because that’s how we roll!! 

Issue 11 - Who you gonna call?!

You can ask a thousand different people what they would like in a paranormal magazine and you can get a thousand different answers – “something factual”, “stuff and nonsense”, “legends of old”, “haunted locations” and the responses will go on and on, the truth is that you can’t please everyone all of the time, the doubters will dismiss the “something factual”, the serious hard-core paranormal fans will poo-poo the “stuff and nonsense” and so on.

That is why Haunted Digital Magazine stretches the paranormal sector more than any other magazine of its type, there’s a little bit of something for everyone and a little bit of everything for someone. It’s something that we’ve been passionate about since we first started, yes we’re known as the jokers of the paranormal world because of the light-hearted approach but to us it’s about making a magazine that appeals to a wide variety of the paranormal public and yes we like to mix it up in the paranormal world and yes we like to have a laugh and a joke but if you strip the humour away you will see that there is sometimes a real dark and serious side to the magazine, we do respect the paranormal, we don’t profess to understand it or try to explain it and we do what we do because we want to do what we do and some of the paranormal people love what we do and understand why we do what we do.

Issue X - with X appeal!

Haunted Digital Magazine is the definitive paranormal magazine that takes a fun, fresh, informative, interesting and entertaining look at all things spooky and ghostly. Not wanting to rest on our paranormal laurels, Issue X, our brand new issue is set to become the spookiest one to date featuring haunted locations from all over the world, including paranormal features from an array of diverse and eclectic writing talent.

If you want wall-to-wall mediums, love and light, sloppy ploppy paranormal then this is not the magazine for you. If you want full on ghost stories of haunted locations, scary stories of the macabre and something that can give you that paranormal twist then Haunted Digital Magazine is the magazine for you.

#dontbenormal – BE PARANORMAL!!

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