Vicky in the Dead Centre of the photo
Hi Everyone, welcome to the Dead Central takeover of the Haunted Blog! 

For this blog takeover, I am going to be talking about our experience of investigating the Falstaff in Stratford Upon Avon alongside the UK Haunted team on one of their events. But before we get into the details of what activity we had on the night, I want to talk about the history of this magnificent 11th century Tudor building, which may help explain why it's reputed to be so haunted!

The Falstaff has always been known as being a paranormal hotspot in the UK and it is visited and investigated by hundreds of paranormal enthusiasts and investigators each year. As mentioned above, the actual site dates back to the 11th century and the original name for the house was 'The Shreives House' meaning 'Sheriff's House'. The site was used as an Inn in the 16th century and was run by a chap called William Rogers, who, so they say, was the inspiration of Shakespeare's popular comedy character of Falstaff.