IT WAS 80 YEARS AGO TODAY... (unless you're reading this after February 27th)

We all have our reasons and explanations as to what drew us to loving all things paranormal. I've said many times before that mine was a book USBORNE GUIDE TO THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD (I still have it) and whilst it was full of paranormal facts (aimed at kids), one story sucked me in, hook line and paranormal sinker, it was the story of Harry Price & Borley Rectory.

February 27th 1939 is not a date that many paranormal lovers will see as a red letter day but if something hadn't happened on that day that involved Borley Rectory who knows what status this location would have had in the modern paranormal world: a location for paranormal investigations, an alleged haunted hotspot, would it still have the accolade of THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE in England? One thing I know is that most people have heard of the Borley Rectory story, the "before" Harry Price history, the "during" Harry Price history and the "after" Harry Price history. To me, Harry Price perfectly sums up the paranormal in one paragraph, some people call him the greatest ever ghost hunter, some people call him a fraudster, an adequate even in a thinly veiled description of the paranormal world I live & breathe in. 

Haunted Magazine Issue 22: Out Now

This issue is packed full of the usual things you expect from Haunted Magazine but is probably the darkest that we've made. Our excellent writers always provide a supernatural rollercoaster ride of all things paranormal that we hope you love. When we knew that one of our writers Katie Waller had been to Auschwitz, we knew what we had to do. The photos she took are simply amazing of a place on many paranormal investigators bucket list, that never should have existed.
Out Now.

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Haunted Magazine Issue 21: Haunted Live with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers

Haunted Issue 21 is OUT NOW and as usual is packed full of all things paranormal, we have exclusives with Tennessee Wraith Chasers and their latest project, Haunted Live; Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman talk Paranormal Lockdown UK, plus so much more paranormal pleasure that Haunted is renown for. #dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

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An Englishman, an American Man and a French Woman walk into an interview..

So, Help! My House is Haunted is now airing on Really Channel on Friday Nights as part of their #FrightDay paranormal schedule on Sky,  Freeview & also Virgin Media, thanks to both VM and UKTV giving each other a big snog and kissing and making up after a right royal public spat  (it's a long story, am sure you've read about it).

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP... A popular description of a cereal? Or the sound of your neck breaking? YOU DECIDE!!

There is no middle with horror movies – you either like them or despise them. Well, we are fans! Especially when we watch them in our home cinema, late at night, with all lights off – proper spooky atmosphere!
Horror movies come in different shapes and sizes and amounts of blood but a popular topic are definitely serial killers. One can not think of Jason or Freddy Krueger or “that mask from Scream” when they think of horror movies! But, which horror movie killers have been the most vicious? have gathered the top 10 and presented them in a gory fashion below.

Haunted Issue 20 Available in Limited Edition Print and Online

Ghost Stories are the DNA of the paranormal, we loved them as kids, they scared us as kids when the older kids told them to us and now we love them as adults and still scare us from time to time. Issue 20 is full of Ghost Stories, stories about ghosts, stories about locations with ghosts and stories about films and TV shows that feature ghosts. Let’s face it without ghost stories there would be no paranormal and without ghost stories, there’d be no Haunted Magazine. Please enjoy the magazine, we do it for you. #dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

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Vicky in the Dead Centre of the photo
Hi Everyone, welcome to the Dead Central takeover of the Haunted Blog! 

For this blog takeover, I am going to be talking about our experience of investigating the Falstaff in Stratford Upon Avon alongside the UK Haunted team on one of their events. But before we get into the details of what activity we had on the night, I want to talk about the history of this magnificent 11th century Tudor building, which may help explain why it's reputed to be so haunted!

The Falstaff has always been known as being a paranormal hotspot in the UK and it is visited and investigated by hundreds of paranormal enthusiasts and investigators each year. As mentioned above, the actual site dates back to the 11th century and the original name for the house was 'The Shreives House' meaning 'Sheriff's House'. The site was used as an Inn in the 16th century and was run by a chap called William Rogers, who, so they say, was the inspiration of Shakespeare's popular comedy character of Falstaff.

OBITUARY: Guy Lyon Playfair 1935 - 2018

It is with great regret and sorrow we record the death of psychical researcher Guy Lyon Playfair who died in London early on 8th April 2018, at the age of 83.
Born in Quetta India, the son of Major General Ian Playfair and novelist Jocelyn Playfair he was educated in England and studied modern languages at Cambridge. After National Service as a translator with the RAF in Iraq, he pursued a career in journalism and working for Life magazine. In the early 1960s he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he worked for the next 10 years as a freelance journalist for a number of international business magazines, The Economist, Time, The Guardian and Associated Press. He also served for four years with the press corps of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Haunted 19 - The Magic of the Gadget

HAUNTED MAGAZINE "Techno" prisoners in issue 19 with a Magic of the Gadget special. If you love, like, loathe, hate ghost hunting gizmos then you will love this issue, it's packed full of plenty of paranormal pleasure as usual and features write-ups of real life paranormal investigations and an exclusive interview with horror writer Joe Pasquale, yes you read that right. We know that this issue won't get on your nerves, get, get, get on your nerves! #dontbenormal

#dontbenormal BE PARANORMAL

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So, Celebrity Haunted Mansion has started, has divided the paranormal world and has trended on Twitter and that's just after one night, there's four more live nights left before it finishes and one of the highlights of the first episode was to see the no nonsense Bullshit approach of American Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes, who you can tell doesn't suffer fools gladly and does not care for those who laugh about or piss about on a ghost hunt which does beg the question as to why he signed up for Celebrity Haunted Mansion in the first place.

Yesterday we sneaked into Woodchester Mansion, and caught up with anyone we could find. Luckily we bumped into Jason Hawes, who was only to happy to talk to us. 


So, the ten victims, er sorry Celebrities, have been named and announced for Celebrity Haunted Mansion and their photo-shopped and air-brushed faces (hey we all do it) are plastered all over social media. To be fair to UKTV and  the W channel I actually recognise some of them and it is reassuring to know that the people who own the channel's purse strings have obviously opened up their wallets and paid more than the other celebrity ghost hunting show out there.