Something very wicked this way comes!!!

Halloween for Haunted is a special time of year. Night has fallen (ouch!) the moon shines bright, to us it's our flippin' Christmas! So we thought - why the devil(sic) don't we produce a special Halloween version of Haunted Digital Magazine? A Mostly Haunted Haunted?

Well, we did and here it is! Over 100 pages of all things witchy, halloween-y, spooky, scary and ghostly for your entertainment. This issue is spell-bindingly sandwiched between issue 3 and 4 and if you want to find fun, entertaining, informative, historical and fresh features about witches, witchcraft, magick, modern witches, old witches, witches on the telly and witches on the big screen - they're all in here1 So strap yourselves in for the broomstick ride of your life.

* Featuring Paranormal TV Flashback: Rentaghost
* The Ghost Train
* Where are they buried? Matthew Hopkins - The Witchfinder General
* The Pendle Withces
* Paranormal TV Flashback: Ghostwatch
* Top 10 Great Old Movies About Witchcraft
* An Interview with Syd Moore

And much much more...

So remember this Halloween, Don't be Normal, Be PARANORMAL!!! Available from the App store.