Haunted Issue 30: Ghost Brothers - Lights Out

WE ARE BACK!! Contrary to popular opinion we have not been in therapy having been thrown left, right and centre, up and down, backwards and forwards by this year’s brilliant radio streamed show The Battersea Poltergeist Case (Issue 29). We have been busy beavering away with this issue and continuing to bring as much diverse paranormal shizzle to the magazine as we can including the return of the Ghost Brothers, who bring a sense of humour and uniqueness to the paranormal, something which is (sometimes) missing from this weird and wonderful world we are privileged to be part of. Great news for our USA fans, they will be posted direct from a haunted USA location ensuring that the magazine is delivered in days not weeks. SNAP UP YOUR COPY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. #DontBeNormal BE PARANORMAL!!

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Haunted Magazine Issue 29 The Battersea Poltergeist OUT NOW!

You wait all of 2020 for a Poltergeist case to get your teeth into and NOTHING!! And then - wham, bam - The Battersea Poltergeist Case storms into 2021 bringing a long lost case into a modern paranormal world. We have an Exclusive Battersea Case feature in issue 29 of Haunted Magazine. That is the beauty of the paranormal, there's no age limit to a story, they can be new, they can be 60 years old, they can go way further back than that and it is that age old timeline that gives us the chance to delve into a feast of features from so many generations of the paranormal. All designed to the highest spooky standards that we set ourselves on. #Dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

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