Issue 6 - Sir Terry Pratchett

And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the book?’

Yes, we are here again, our very own book of paranormal revelations in what has been described by some as “a devil of an issue”. Haunted Digital Magazine issue 6, self-titled by us as issue 666 (only because the typewriter got stuck) and for no other reason honest!

The paranormal is a world divided by opinion, multiplied by its many areas of interests, subtracted by its doubters and haters – it really is the sum of all your fears and now you can add Haunted Digital Magazine in to that mix, we inform, we entertain, we question and we also divide opinion – we have always set out to provide the reader with a paranormal pic and mix – a magazine that we would like to read ourselves full of entertaining features about haunted locations, paranormal mysteries, local legends with the ability to be controversial, to be different, to question the myths surrounding the paranormal.

We are “over the paranormal moon” to have the team behind the most successful paranormal TV show ever writing, for us, giving us exclusive content. Most Haunted has inspired a generation to ghost hunt, and continues to do so and without it the paranormal world would not be what it is today. Like it or hate it, Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie are names that will forever be entwined in the annals of the paranormal and their strong thoughts and opinions mixed with their passion and enthusiasm is an essential ingredient to Haunted Digital Magazine.

We hope you enjoy our devilishly good magazine and see you for LUCKY 7!

Paul and Andy