Is the UK in the middle of a Haunted Epidemic?

Shocking new research from truTV has revealed that Britain is in the midst of a haunting epidemic, as the nation confesses that:
·18% (one in five) of Brits claim to have experienced paranormal activity
·49% believe in ghosts
·11% have been molested by a ghost
·5% have moved house because of a haunting
·20% reckon their pet can definitely or probably see ghosts


YOU CAN IMAGINE THE SCENARIO: It's Friday Night and you're out hunting for ghosts at some alleged haunted location...

                                           .... Fast forward 6 hours later you've had a fantastic night, you've seen more orbs than you can ever have dreamed of.

Haunted Magazine Issue 15 - Print Edition ORDER NOW!

Towards the end of last year we released issue 15 of Haunted Magazine in its usual free digital format. After a few people enquired about a print version, we toyed with the idea of printing a small limited edition print run and plans were put in place.
As you can tell from our front cover, we featured a piece of paranormal equipment on there called the GhostArk, a new gadget that was going to take the paranormal world by storm, we also ran a 4 page feature on it in the magazine, interviewing the man who invented it, Massimo Rossi.