YOU CAN IMAGINE THE SCENARIO: It's Friday Night and you're out hunting for ghosts at some alleged haunted location...

                                           .... Fast forward 6 hours later you've had a fantastic night, you've seen more orbs than you can ever have dreamed of.

                                           .... Fast forward a few hours later, it is 8am Saturday morning, you're in your bed, dreaming about seeing more orbs and the kids suddenly pounce on you asking you to get up and play with them. You lie there and whilst there bouncing on you as if you were a trampoline you wish you had some new DVDs for them to watch, so you could say "kids, there's some new DVDs to watch downstairs, go and pop them on and I will just be a few minutes (parent speak for hours)". The last thing your hear before drifting off to slumber is the kids shouting "WE LOVE YOU"... What a great parent you are....

We have teamed up with STUDIOCANAL and DDA PR to give you the chance to bag yourself a couple of kids DVDs for whenever you need to curry favour / barter with them.

SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE FARMER’S LLAMAS DVD AVAILABLE FROM 8TH FEBRUARY 2016 After the tremendous success of Shaun The Sheep: The Movie, which took £14m at the box office, Shaun and the team are back for an all new adventure on Mossy Bottom Farm. The already well-loved characters in the Aardman family, will be joined by a pack of new mischievous llamas: Hector, Fernando and Raul in a comedy Llama Drama. When the Farmer and Bitzer go to a Country Fair, Shaun tags along intent on causing mischief. Shaun spies an auction where he sees three exotic and very crafty Llamas going under the hammer. Instantly besotted by their fantastic pranks Shaun gets the unwitting Farmer to buy them. Back at Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun is delighted with his prank and convinces the Flock that the Llamas are just what they need to spice up their lives. At first everything’s great fun, but soon their new Llama room-mates get a bit too comfortable in their new home. When things spiral out of control, Shaun is forced to take action to oust the intruders and save the farm. The DVD bonus content includes: MEET THE LLAMAS & MOSSY BOTTOM FARM SHORTS Cert. U

BING SURPRISE MACHINE…AND OTHER EPISODES IS AVAILABLE ON DVD NOW Following the successful launch of the first 4 DVD releases, Bing has bounced his way to become one of the most beloved and best-selling pre-school DVD brands in the UK. Little ones and the grown-ups in their lives will meet Bing, his carer Flop (voiced by Mark Rylance) and all their friends in this ground-breaking CBeebies television series that celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of being a pre-schooler. Based on books by Ted Dewan, BING will be available to buy on DVD, and fans of Bing, Flop, and their mishaps and adventures will be able to enjoy the series to their hearts content on TV, with the following episodes: Surprise Machine | Dizzy | House | Ice Lolly | Mural | Hiding | Sandcastle | Acorns | Jingly Shoes | Looking After Flop Cert. U

WHAT DO I GOTTA DO, WHAT DO I GOTTA DO to win these DVDs, we hear you shouting in your tens...

Email your details to and you could bag yourself a copy of each on DVD, we have 2 of each to give away. The competition closes on Friday the 13th of February and the winners will be notified within 24 hours of the competition closing.

#dontbenormal - BE PARANORMAL

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