Haunted Digital Issue 2: The Sequel to Issue 1!

HAUNTED Digital Magazine is the world’s only magazine that takes a fun & entertaining look at the world of all things Paranormal & Horror. With informative and entertaining features from the scary side, the sexy side, the dark side, the entertainment side, the demonic side, the ghostly side, the spiritual side and any other sides that the paranormal and horror sector decides to show from time to time.

We are your one stop paranormal and horror Pic’n’Mix. Written and designed by two cheeky but loveable guys and supported by a band of merry men and women (feature writers, photographers, models and contributors). We spotlight up and coming indie producers, directs and actors allowing them to promote their projects. We follow the dark paranormal cases that they don’t show on the TV and we follow Carla, aged 14, who is one of the youngest EVER ghost hunters. We are passionate about bringing you the best ever paranormal and horror content.

The second issue of Haunted Digital Magazine, lovingly known as HDM002 is the most intense paranormal and horror journey that you can take in the form of an online digital magazine. The features are diverse, from fun and fresh, to frightening and freaky. Our writers come from all four corners of the paranormal and horror sectors. There are magazines that are based around the paranormal and there aare those that are about all things horror. Haunted Digital Magazine marries the two together and gives the readers an insight into both worlds. A marriage made in hell, some might say. Come and join in the fun.

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