Issue 9 - The Winter Edition

Haunted Digital Magazine #9 - The Winter Edition is your one stop paranormal shop for everything that is ghostly and spooky – a magazine packed to the brim of paranormal features. Haunted locations, tales of mystery and murder, legends of old and so much more.

What a year this has been for the paranormal from wonky lamps to haunted vaginas and from websites for lonely spooks to websites to see who has perished in your house, they all feature in Haunted Digital Magazine. We pride ourselves on making the magazine features fun, fresh, informative, interesting and entertaining – where else could you read about ghost hunting for men only, curses, witchcraft and haunted theatres to name but four?

Eighty eight pages of pure paranormal pleasure and all available at the click of a button – no postage, no waiting for the postman, no hassle - you click, you order, you pay, you get - simple and remember

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Issue 8 - The Halloween Special 2

Never before in the history of Haunted Digital Magazine has a cover stirred such feeling as the Issue 8. To be honest, the opinion divided the office as much as it did the fans. As the designer, I just loved the “Memphis Belle” type art. I just thought it matched a fun, stylish and paranormal with a twist magazine. But it has divided fans and left me scratching my head. So here we go. The version here is the 2nd cover, the one that will be on the app. The content in both magazines is the same. So here’s an experiment.

The Halloween issues are always fun to make. It’s such a great time for the paranormal, the supernatural and the imagination. We have a cracking mix for you here: Fred Batt’s take on Halloween, an exclusive behind the scenes of Most Haunted, Creating the perfect Halloween party – how the professionals do it, the scary doll from The Conjuring, Lindsey Stirling, Karl Beattie’s Crime and Execution, our Mick’s Tape (for the ultimate Halloween Party!), The Epworth Poltergeist and much, much, more… This issue has been a tough one to produce for a number of reasons with editor Paul being poorly for the duration. But it’s your kind words and messages that have really kept both of us more determined than ever to get this issue to you – to say thank you for your support. (Remember to save a copy to your PC or Mac desktop first!)

With the imminent return of Most Haunted, Haunted Digital Magazine will give you unprecedented access and exclusives along the way. So remember -

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Issue 7 - The Harrisville Haunting

We are back with a bang (and weeks before Bonfire Night too), we are back with a vengeance and we are back with not one issue of Haunted Digital Magazine but two issues of the leading paranormal magazine for people with a sense of humour, a sense of the unknown, a sense of spirit and a love of history and mystery fused with all things spooky that may indeed go bump in the night. I can hear you shouting out in your tens “why two issues?” and it’s a very good question – truth is that during the latter end of July, ALL of August and beginning of September our offices were possessed by impish demons and causing mayhem and havoc with our deadlines, our editorial meetings and our sanity!

Our latest feature packed magazine features all the regulars – Behind the Ouija Board: Living Spirits, Lee Roberts’ Ghost Girl of Sherwood Forest, The Secret Ghosthunter, Wickedpedia: The Fox Sisters and as usual the Most Haunted team have sent us their features – in between filming for their new series – WHAT? You didn’t know that? Where have you been? Watching Pick TV again? YES, they’re back doing what they love, we’ve been let into the inner sanctum of Most Haunted version 2.0 and all we can say is “HOLY SHIT!”

We also have The Harrisville Haunting that inspired the conjuring and so much more.. Enjoy the magazine, we apologise for the lateness but we hope that we have done our fans and our mum’s proud Remember – Don’t be normal – BE PARANORMAL!!! Available from the App Stores.

Issue 6 - Sir Terry Pratchett

And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the book?’

Yes, we are here again, our very own book of paranormal revelations in what has been described by some as “a devil of an issue”. Haunted Digital Magazine issue 6, self-titled by us as issue 666 (only because the typewriter got stuck) and for no other reason honest!

The paranormal is a world divided by opinion, multiplied by its many areas of interests, subtracted by its doubters and haters – it really is the sum of all your fears and now you can add Haunted Digital Magazine in to that mix, we inform, we entertain, we question and we also divide opinion – we have always set out to provide the reader with a paranormal pic and mix – a magazine that we would like to read ourselves full of entertaining features about haunted locations, paranormal mysteries, local legends with the ability to be controversial, to be different, to question the myths surrounding the paranormal.

We are “over the paranormal moon” to have the team behind the most successful paranormal TV show ever writing, for us, giving us exclusive content. Most Haunted has inspired a generation to ghost hunt, and continues to do so and without it the paranormal world would not be what it is today. Like it or hate it, Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie are names that will forever be entwined in the annals of the paranormal and their strong thoughts and opinions mixed with their passion and enthusiasm is an essential ingredient to Haunted Digital Magazine.

We hope you enjoy our devilishly good magazine and see you for LUCKY 7!

Paul and Andy

Issue 5 - Most Haunted

The wait is over, the writing is written, the magazine is READY(!); although this is Issue 5 this is the first time that we are delighted to be working with the team behind the greatest and most successful paranormal TV show EVER "Most Haunted".

As well as their support and endorsement, they have given us EXCLUSIVE Most Haunted content that will not be seen anywhere else - Issue 5 has over 150 pages of pure paranormal pleasure; it's fun, informative, fresh and entertaining - the Digital Revolution is here - from informative features on ghost hunting to seeking out the legends and the mysteries of the paranormal past; from entertaining punchy paranormal features from a selection of old and new feisty paranormal writers, we ARE the real deal when it comes to Paranormal Activity. Our magazine is the only one of its kind, a dedicated digital magazine about the things that go bump in the night, ghosts, the paranormal, aliens and much more. Haunted is THE magazine for the believer, for the sceptic and for the lovers of all things spooky and now with complete with the most haunted content from from the Most Haunted Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Fred Batt and their team.

* Wickedpedia: Our tribute to James Herbert
* Karl's Korner: The Great Medium Swindle
* The Geneva Convention: The origins of the Frankenstein Story
* Ask Yvette: And she replies!
* Fred Batt: Beginners Guide to Witchcraft

And much much more...

REMEMBER: DON'T BE NORMAL, BE PARANORMAL!!! Available from the App stores.

Issue 4 - Back to our Paranormal Roots!

YES we're back - not even those pesky Mayans and their predictions could keep us away from our first Haunted Digital Magazine of 2013 and, actually, we're more than back because we're back better than ever before.

We've stripped Haunted down, gone back to our roots and quite simply made it a page to page feast of paranormal pleasure, from informative features on ghosthunting to seeking out the legends and the mysteries of the paranormal past, from entertaining punchy paranormal features from a selection of old and new feisty paranoral writers, we've got more paranormal activity than ALL four of the movies, ghosts caught on camera, teenage ghosthunters, twin ghosthunters, mother and son ghostwriters - our team is just one big massive paranormal family.

Our magazine is the only one of its kind, a dedicated online magazine about the things that go bump in the night, ghosts, the paranormal, aliens and much more.

Over 130 pages of pure paranormal, ghost fashion, the politics of the paranormal, the legacies of local legends. Haunted is THE magazine for the believer, for the sceptic and for the lovers of all things spooky.

Come and take your place on the most haunted and paranormal ride that a paranormal magazine has ever done before. Available from the App stores.