Issue 7 - The Harrisville Haunting

We are back with a bang (and weeks before Bonfire Night too), we are back with a vengeance and we are back with not one issue of Haunted Digital Magazine but two issues of the leading paranormal magazine for people with a sense of humour, a sense of the unknown, a sense of spirit and a love of history and mystery fused with all things spooky that may indeed go bump in the night. I can hear you shouting out in your tens “why two issues?” and it’s a very good question – truth is that during the latter end of July, ALL of August and beginning of September our offices were possessed by impish demons and causing mayhem and havoc with our deadlines, our editorial meetings and our sanity!

Our latest feature packed magazine features all the regulars – Behind the Ouija Board: Living Spirits, Lee Roberts’ Ghost Girl of Sherwood Forest, The Secret Ghosthunter, Wickedpedia: The Fox Sisters and as usual the Most Haunted team have sent us their features – in between filming for their new series – WHAT? You didn’t know that? Where have you been? Watching Pick TV again? YES, they’re back doing what they love, we’ve been let into the inner sanctum of Most Haunted version 2.0 and all we can say is “HOLY SHIT!”

We also have The Harrisville Haunting that inspired the conjuring and so much more.. Enjoy the magazine, we apologise for the lateness but we hope that we have done our fans and our mum’s proud Remember – Don’t be normal – BE PARANORMAL!!! Available from the App Stores.

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