Haunted Magazine 27: The Only Way Is Ethics


YES, WE ARE BACK, with the latest issue of Haunted Magazine to loosen your lockdown limbo, to implode your isolation insanity. The paranormal is refreshed & supercharged, having had 3 months off from people asking “is there anyone there”, “knock once for yes and twice for no” and other such supernatural idioms & just like a fully charged piece of ghost hunting gadget it is ready for anything. This issue is bigger than ever (yes, more paranormal pages for you to enjoy), and as the paranormal genres, sectors and branches grow bigger & widen, so does Haunted, with more diverse features from a whole host of writers from across the globe. Things aren’t fully back to normal, even the “new normal”, but you can guarantee where there’s normal there’s paranormal and where there is paranormal there is Haunted Magazine. Enjoy!!.

Haunted 27 UK - £7.99 inc P&P

Haunted 27 US - $17.99 inc P&P

HM 27 *AUSTRALIA ONLY* - $18.99 inc P&P

Haunted 27 EU - €12.99 inc P&P

Haunted 27 ROW - £13.99 inc P&P

All magazine are despatched with proof of postage once released. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

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