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Issue X - with X appeal!

Haunted Digital Magazine is the definitive paranormal magazine that takes a fun, fresh, informative, interesting and entertaining look at all things spooky and ghostly. Not wanting to rest on our paranormal laurels, Issue X, our brand new issue is set to become the spookiest one to date featuring haunted locations from all over the world, including paranormal features from an array of diverse and eclectic writing talent.

If you want wall-to-wall mediums, love and light, sloppy ploppy paranormal then this is not the magazine for you. If you want full on ghost stories of haunted locations, scary stories of the macabre and something that can give you that paranormal twist then Haunted Digital Magazine is the magazine for you.

#dontbenormal – BE PARANORMAL!!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Magazine!!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic magazine, love the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously, it doesn't preach about the paranormal, it's not medium friendly, it's not as they call it "sloppy, ploppy paranormal" - this is the best paranormal magazine I have ever seen, beautifully designed and well written and very well researched, I am new to digital magazines and now I am converted!! WELL DONE!!

Elsa Jackson said...

Where has this little gem been hidden - Issue X, can i get the back issues please!! The design is amazing!!

Christopher Lomax said...

Ha, DOES MY MUM LOOK BIG IN THIS - has to be the best tagline about Victorian photos of the dead I have ever heard

Corey Killbeck said...

I prefer print magazines but this has to be the best paranormal magazine I have ever read - you guys in the UK certainly know how to design a paranormal magazine - well done to all involved