The Paranormal is awash with cries and accusations of fakery and trickery at the moment, I can now easily imagine what it was like to be witness to people accused of Witchcraft in medieval times, the slightest suspicion of wrongdoing and / or dodgy-ness and you were thrown in the lake and having survived that, it didn't end there, you were further under suspicion from people and were killed until you were dead.. literally.

Fast forward 300/400 years and it's not the Witchfinder General scouring the countryside it's Witchfinder Social Media and other green eyed monsters that are perpetuating the same stigma, although not on a horse or wearing a silly hat, probably.

The latest person to achieve such accusations is Nick Groff and his new show Ghosts of Shepherdstown, the second season of which starts on Monday on Destination America, so what perfect timing for some news to come out that the show is faked, staged, spoofed and not real. Perfect timing for attempting to ruin the credibility of the investigators on the show days before the show starts. 

Now, most of us know that you don't fight fire with fire, you fight it with water, Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, decided that wet beats hot, like a primeval kind of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

A recent episode of the UK show that shall not be named (whispers Most Haunted) captured a ghost on camera and social media was split and divided with believers and non-believers of what was caught. Due to the nature of the subject and past misdemeanours by said show, one could expect cries of fakery, some even went on to explain how it was done. The reply from the makers of the show was, to put it politely, undignified in its approach, attacking the non-believers, being rude to the people who dared to challenge and being downright nasty in their hatred towards the people who dared to have an opinion that didn't match theirs. 

Remember the comment earlier, don't fight fire with fire, the thing about the paranormal is that no matter what you do, there is always going to be someone, somebody, somewhere who disagrees with you, and re: footage of ghosts, spooks, demons, pictures, EVPs and the rest, there's always be going to be people who are going to shout fake, photoshop, trickery and other similar words just because they can and they will.

Come on let's be honest, a paranormal TV show is never going to be lauded in the paranormal world by so called experts as credible evidence of paranormal activity, according to them it can't happen when any cameras, phones, wifi is anywhere near so for a TV show to capture it is simply impossible. 

It is a simple thing, you either believe what you read, what you hear or what you see, or what you don't. Paranormal TV show fans will have their favourites. Same applies to people in the paranormal, one person catches a piece of evidence, if the face fits it's WOW OMG FCUK all the way but if it's from a face that don't fit, all hell is unleashed, FAKE, CON, PHOTOSHOPPED and all that, it is sometimes the nature of the beast in the paranormal world.

So, if you find yourself being dragged into the middle of an accusation of fakery, trickery etc etc let's learn a lesson from Nick Groff, who as I said earlier, found himself at the centre of such unwanted negative attention towards his new show. Did he fight fire with fire, or did he pour water over it in such a way that was dignified, respectful and left many with egg on their faces, to match their chips on their shoulders. See for yourself, and let that be a lesson to anyone who is faced with similar situations on how to act, all guns blazing might work for a Western, but in this field where scorn, bitterness and jealousy just fuel the fire, the best knock out punch you can deliver is to rise above that... and that's what has happened. 

Nick Groff, Destination America, Ghost of Shepherdstown and everyone associated with them ... WE SALUTE YOU!! 

#dontbenormal BE PARANORMAL!!

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