So, you're out with your friends ghost hunting, OR ARE YOU? Which ones are plotting behind your back to start a new team, which ones are plotting to kick you out of the team and which ones are plotting to call another team up during their live ghost hunt and then hang up, but cleverly remembering to add 141 in front of it?

Millions of Brits, which include Ghost Hunters can’t stand' their own friends – because they are too high maintenance or have no shared interests, a study has found. 

Differing opinions, lifestyles and sense of humour mean 45 per cent have ‘frenemies’ in their friendship circle – people they socialise with but don’t really like. And more than four in ten respondents admitted they have at least one mate they see regularly that they can’t stand. It also emerged one in four of those who took part don't like their partner’s friends, with 18 per cent saying it has led to rows with their other half.
The study was commissioned by TV channel Lifetime to mark Real Housewives’ Tuesdays, featuring episodes of top US reality shows Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Lifetime channel director Koulla Anastasi said: “It is quite surprising to see so many people struggle to get along with others in their own friendship group. You can end up socialising with people you wouldn’t usually choose as a friend, perhaps through work, friends-of-friends or through your partner. And as these survey results show, it means you regularly have to meet up with people you may not consider to be real friends.”
The study of 2,000 UK adults found the average Brit has 16 friends and acquaintances – which includes three they don’t like, or struggle to get on with.Simply having ‘nothing in common’ is the most popular reason for not getting on with a mate, followed by the other person being ‘too bossy or controlling’ or having different opinions.Other reasons include: how they behave when they have been drinking; being let down by them in the past; and, topically, their political affiliations.

Work colleagues are most likely to be the people we struggle to get on with, followed by a friend of a friend and our partner’s mates. One in four respondents admit they have openly told a friend they don’t really like them. Almost half have had rows with a pal because they struggled to get on with them, with another 50 per cent going as far as trying to phase someone out of their friendship group as a result of their dislike. The study also found 43 per cent have friends who often involve a lot of drama, with two thirds of those saying they are tired of getting caught up in it all. Three in ten even said there is often jealousy among their circle of friends and 17 per cent reckon this has gone on to cause problems in their friendships. Relationships is the biggest cause of envy between friends, followed by money, other friendships, their appearance and their home.
The research by OnePoll.com, also revealed the top 20 modern rules of friendship with never giving away your mate’s secrets at number one. Other modern rules of friendship include replying to messages as soon as possible, helping them to get out of a bad date and not tagging them in pictures on social media without their approval.
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Top 20 reasons for ghost hunters not getting on with someone:
1. They just have nothing in common
2. They are too bossy or controlling
3. They have a lot of differing opinions
4. How they behave when they are drinking
5. They are too high maintenance
6. They lead different lifestyles
7. The language they use
8. They’ve let you down
9. Their sense of humour
10. How they treat their partner
11. Because they’ve changed
12. Their political affiliations
13. How they treat their children
14. They don’t like the people they hang out with
15. They deliberately blank you
16. They are always borrowing money
17. Personal hygiene
18. Their dress sense
19. They flirt with your partner
20. They don’t get on with your partner
Top 20 modern rules of ghost hunting friendship
1. Never give away their secrets
2. Being a shoulder to cry on
3. Always there for advice
4. Always giving them your honest opinion
5. Always telling them the truth
6. Never let jealousy get in the way of your relationship
7. Reply to messages as soon as possible
8. Hug rather than handshake when you see each other
9. Always invite them on group social events
10. Go for a drink even if you don’t want to
11. Helping to get them out of a bad date
12. Don’t communicate with your friend’s partner without them
13. Don’t be the one in the group chat who ruins all the plans
14. Always offer to lend them money if they need it
15. Always offer to get the first round in
16. Always take your side in an argument
17. Not tagging them in pictures on social media before they’ve approved them
18. Don’t swipe right on friends’ ex-partners if they pop up on Tinder
19. Don’t post unflattering or embarrassing pictures on social media
20. Don’t give TV or film spoilers until you know your friends have seen them

So, there you have it, we're not saying that your team has a "frenemy", but some will have, some will be reading this thinking "if it wasn't for that pesky haunted magazine, i'd have gotten away with it?"
Come on "frenemies" be nice to your paranormal people and stab them in the front, they deserve it, surely. 
#dontbenormal BE PARANORMAL!!

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