Will this be the first and last ever Ghost Hunt at Britain's oldest shop?

Haunted locations are ten-a-penny these days, every town, city, hamlet, village lays claim to the most haunted property EVER in the histories of haunted properties. Every county also states that they are the "most haunted" county in the UK. 
The question on everyone's lips, well maybe a few of you, is "when does a location become haunted?" Does it have to be investigated first to be labelled as a paranormal place of activity? Can a demon play tricks and cause havoc in a location but because no one is there saying "did anyone see that" or "woah, what the hell was that" is it just wasting it's time, does it want and need and thrive an audience?

#Haun7edLIVE are doing a bonus live ghost hunt, exclusive to Facebook on Tuesday the 21st of February and this one has the hallmarks of being that little bit special. First of all it's a brand spanking new location for us and apart from it having never been investigated before it has the audacious title as being Britain's oldest continuously trading shop. I think it's fairly safe to say that we could easily change our name to #DemonHun7ersLIVE for this one as a young girl on a visit to the shop said that she could feel someone in the tea room (note: it was empty) and she had a bad feeling. They took her on a tour of the place and she said there was an evil presence in all areas of it AND one thing I know that freaks ME out is when a young girl says there's an evil presence, from the mouth of babes and all. Researching the area there are a few local legends, tales of old and apparent areas of paranormal activity. There is also a modern tale to tell too....
Britain’s oldest continuously trading shop  could close after 350 YEARS unless a buyer can be found for the store – which has been a butcher, baker and candlestick maker.  
Brabin’s Shop and Tea Room first opened in 1668 as a cloth maker in the picturesque village of Chipping, Lancs. During three centuries of business it has been a bakers, undertakers, post office, general store and butchers. Current owners Sharon, 59, and Roy Pinkett, 58, have been forced to put it on the market due to Sharon’s ill health, but have had no takers since listing it in September.
The couple, who bought the business in April 2014, say if no one agrees to buy the business for £120K by March 1 they will have to break the mould and shut up shop. Sharon said: “We can’t carry on any more because of ill-health – I have arthritis in my spine and knees and I have found it difficult to work. It is very sad as we have worked so hard at it – and if the shop is closed there is no access to the post office. This is a great shame and a loss to the people living on Chipping.”
The building was first home to a cloth merchants run by John Brabin in 1668 and when he died his inheritance was put into the Brabin’s Trust – who still own the building outright today. The tea room and gift shop, which has a post office outlet in store which runs two days a week, took over from a six-days-a-week post office in 2001. Speaking about the shop‘s history, Roy said: “This shop has literally been everything – you name it it’s been sold here. “It was a post office for centuries, then the business before us expanded it into a tea room and then since we took it over we’ve adapted the tea room and have different gifts in the shop.”
The shop and it's situation has already made the local and national press:
Lee Roberts, Haunted Events UK owner, paranormal investigator and part of #Haun7edLIVE can't wait to be the first person to properly investigate Brabin's, "we're over the moon to be the first people to ghost hunt in this place, it is sad that the place is up for sale but hey, if our exclusive FacebookLIVE ghost hunt can source a buyer, it's a win-win for the owners and the paranormal. The first time this place is investigated and it has the potential to be seen by over a million people, bring it on."
Speaking to the owners, other visitors have heard a "screeching" noise coming from the fireplace. Footsteps have often been heard when there's nobody there and in the attic a phone went flying across the room when the person holding the phone was trying to take a picture. 
Paul Stevenson, Haunted Magazine editor, paranormal investigator and part of #Haun7edLIVE also can't wait for this investigation, "people seem to be under the impression that whatever the demonic activity is, it has something to do with John Brabin, the original owner.  Everyone knows what #Haun7edLIVE is all about, the audience can witness a ghost hunt from the comfort of their own front room and yet be fully interactive, it's not some 45 minute best bits of 8 hours of footage, this is the real deal and we can't wait"
Please join #Haun7edLIVE on the 21st of February for a very special ghost hunt, exclusively live on Facebook at Brabin's shop and tea room, a brand new location, the first time it has ever been investigated, it may not be a location you have heard of before but if the demons come to the party, who knows what will happen.
You can find out more information about #Haun7edLIVE and the guys behind it by going to www.facebook.com/weAREhauntedLIVE and you can watch #Haun7edLIVE by going to www.facebook.com/officialleeroberts and signing up for updates.

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