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UOOOH, dynamite. What the hell is happening?
Gary Heseltine. the editor of ‘UFO Truth Magazine has lost the plot. Ben Emilyn Jones, the erratic blogger has lost his marbles. Russ Kellett has got a severe case of verbal diarrhea. And our Lazza, he is just plain shitting it….
Back at the end of August 2016, I came across alarming information which showed that Larry Warren was a career conman. Being all concerned for Gary Heseltine and his UFO TRUTH BRAND, I opted to contact him at the beginning of September and dutifully inform him that he was about to co-host a conference with a conman. Naturally the thought of a conman and an ex detective sharing a stage made me feel manky and I decided to inform Gary of the results of my findings. Thanks to information supplied by Sacha Christie, I was able to track down and locate the whereabouts of two items which were sold by Larry Warren in 2011. This was a cowboy hat and sunglasses, which Warren pocketed 8.5 grand for.
I contacted the current owner and posed as a potential buyer. The letters of provenance were emailed to me and I  then compared the writing on these letters against the handwriting on Larry Warrens handwriting on the Earth Mysteries News videos produced by Sid Goldberg.
Basically there were lots of identical writing traits that connected these two letters of provenance back to Larry Warren. It was abundantly crystal clear that the two letters were 100% fraudulent and not penned by Charlie Lennon but by Larry Warren himself. So with just less than two weeks to the Holmfirth conference, I put information together and sent it off to Gary. I pre-warned Gary that it was a matter of time before all of this information would be coming out and I was basically offering Gary a chance to distance himself from Mr Warren. But sadly the only action that Gary took was to unfriend me on Facebook. How professional.

What was even more horrifying was that Gary decided to sideswipe the evidence I had supplied him with and went on to award Larry Warren with a lifetime achievement award for ‘Bravery in Ufology’. Yeah talk about naivety, stupidity and cognitive dissonance at levels unheard of. What was Gary Heseltine thinking? Let me say that again. What was Gary Heseltine thinking?
I can understand that both Gary and Larry have enjoyed a bit  of a bromance for several years but I still cannot get my head around the fact that an ex detective chose to ignore the warning and evidence that he was handed prior to the 2016 Conference. Now, five months later, five months after supplying Gary with that info, Gary has done sweet nothing but completely ignore the evidence which shows that Larry Warren was and remains a complete fraudster. Gary Heseltine’s credibility as an impartial researcher went down the toilet the moment he decided to give Larry Warren that award. Gary knew in advance that all was not well yet still dished out the award.
As for Ben Emilyn Jones, where do I start?
Yet another AMC member of the Warren Dead, a zombie with zero cognitive abilities other than to blog about what he has heard and thinks he knows . Sacha bad, Larry good, yada yada. What respect I thought I had for him has vaporized. Despite having shown Ben the evidence against Larry, Ben is clearly not one with the force and is currently just waving his blog around making lightsaber noises in the dark.  His latest rabble is entitled ‘is Larry Warren a Fraud?’ so I made a video and called it, is the sky blue?

Ben is still trying to stick up for Larry and defends the A-10 with a big stick. Thing is, Larry Warrens bullshit regarding this photograph has been debunked by Sacha Christie, confirmed as a fake by Barry Greenwood and yet for reasons unfukinknown Ben is still currently trying to reboot his sanity. Open your eyes Ben- use the force!

Ben also tries to say that being an expert in a particular subject means absolutely nothing and regardless that Alyson and Sacha have managed to raise 600 pounds to get Warrens documents analysed, in the end it wont matter because, Gary Ben, Tino and Larry will still be able to say ”no its not” when the writing expert comes out with the blatantly obvious and says, ”Yup Larry Warren. 100%”

So regardless that Larry Warren has the same style of writing as training officer Lee Swain, writing his L’s, S’s and A’s EXACTLY like Warren, despite Larry’s training officers Huntzinger and Slack also writing at the same angle as Warren, its all a conspiracy to debunk the angel that blew the whistle on Rendlesham… Yada Yada. this is after this was published
Ok, now onto Lord Polus the racist Templar Knight and Beatles loving UFO hunting Guru. Yeh according to Lord Doofus, the UFO doodle he got from Larry Warren is legit. Yeah, really. Allegedly lord Doofus has had the doodle appraised and Larry confirmed it was real.
Yeah Lord Doofus. the man with the Lennon sketch says its real. Well can we see the paperwork appraising this item? it wont take much to get Larry to pen something down and for Lord Doofus to upload it. Then the riddle of the mystery appraisal will be settled for all time. GOO GOO GEE CHOO. Doofus has no idea how stupid he makes himself look. Does he know what both John Lennon and Lee Swain write their W’s EXACTLY the same? I would happy knight Sir Doofus but I would appoint him Lord Douchbag instead. If anyone is interested in becoming a Templar knight and joining the ranks of Lord Doofas, here is the link:
So despite Larry Warren faking his in flight processing sheet and never ever having been assigned to D-flight, our Gary the ex detective is still very adamant that Larry was an eyewitness to the events at Rendlesham.
Yo, Lord Doofas, got any more room for a blind detective on your douchbag ranks?  The bottom line is that Larry Warren is a career conman who has scammed the world for 30 years. Some daft bastards refuse to accept that fact and continue to look and act like zombies. 
Larry Warren is a fraudster and is being exposed as one. Deal with it folks. 
I will leave you with the ex detectives comments  :
Is Larry Warren a saint – he is certainly not, far from it, he suffers PTSD, ( cause Larry says he has it- he also has opti/ret burn/exp too but that’s been vaporized too—JW) his involvement in the RFI has cost him 2 marriages, he lives hand to mouth existence and finds it hard to hold down a job.
Does that sound like a man who has ‘benefitted’ substantially from his involvement and ‘lies’ about the RFI?
Make no mistake he has made comments/outbursts/errors in recent months in particular that are totally inappropriate and I have told him this personally but does that make him a bad man? ( GARY I SENT YOU EVIDENCE HE WAS A CRIMINAL IN SEPTEMBER….WHAT YOU SMOKING BOY?)……No, just a victim of being caught up in something profound at the age of 19 and it leaving him a broken man. He could never have envisaged how the case would break, indeed, if it would break in the media at all, that he would face the cameras for years on his own, would be actively told on some occasions to change his story of seeing ‘aliens’ because it was too far out for that particular era and audience. That he would face constant media ridicule.
"…whether people like it or not he is and always will be the original witness whistleblower of the Rendlesham Forest incident"
Gary Heseltine, Editor, UFO Truth Magazine.
Crazy eh? So I have to ask…. is the UK currently facing a Doofus epidemic or what?
article by J.Welsh, Corroborating Evidence Operations, the full blog page with this can be seen here:

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