Comedian, panto legend and lover of the paranormal Paul O’Grady has landed a starring role in 2016’s cheekiest Christmas video. Inspired by the nation’s worst Yuletide stenches, household odour eliminator Febreze has partnered with O’Grady to release a short parody film called 12 Stinks of Christmas.
In the film, Paul reluctantly dons a dashing elf costume and, supported by vocals from The London Community Gospel Choir, recounts the smells which torment us at Christmas. These include cheap perfumes, sweaty Santa suits and, of course, turkey curries. It even features a cameo from Paul’s beloved dog Olga.
Christmas is a time for festive cheer, but it’s not without its irritations. Research by Febreze revealed cleaning up after the carnage of Christmas Day, guests who overstay their welcome and unpleasant festive smells are the top bah humbugs for Scrooges across the country.

With the average Brit entertaining 13 guests over the festive period, cooking becomes a constant occupation, homes get busier and rooms are stuffier. So it’s no surprise 30 per cent Brits say their biggest Christmas annoyance is unpleasant odours.
The worst festive stinks pervading homes in December for a third of Brits is leaky bin bags of old food, closely followed by Brussels sprouts. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) of people say flatulent family members produce the worst smells at Christmas time, and 16 per cent say Stilton cheese is the pongiest seasonal stink.
“It’s great to see family and friends over the holidays, and even better when they bring you festive treats,” comments Paul O’Grady, “But more often than not, guests come empty handed and full of stinky surprises, which is why I’ve always kept a can of Febreze around. It’s a great solution to eliminate odours from mooching guests – if only it could get rid of them too!”
Watch Paul O’Grady eliminate the #12Stinks of Christmas here:

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