Issue 16 - Women in Paranormal!

Please be patient whilst the magazine loads.

Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female version of Postman Pat, they have delivered.

This issue we are celebrating girly ghosthunters, spooky sisters and the women of the Paranormal world, from Lorraine Warren writing our editorial to the new Ghostbusters to the The Living and the Dead, this i
ssue is crammed with more females than you'd find in the lift to the Chippendale's VIP

We expected emotion, passion, humour and spookiness and we got emotion, passion, humour and spookiness AND so much more.

There may be no proof that ghosts exist but we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Men are from Mars and Women are from Haunted Magazine.

And remember. #dontbenormal - BE PARANORMAL!

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