With the Sixth Season of The Walking Dead leaving us on a massive cliff-hanger, the question we’re all asking ourselves is “who did Negan off?” Unfortunately Haunted Magazine can’t answer that but we may be able to answer a few others like “why aren’t Walkers allowed to blink?” and “how do they all happen to have the same walk?” Well, to celebrate the home entertainment release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season which will be hitting shelves on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 26th September we now have all the answers. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about The Walking Dead...

 Did you know walkers are not supposed to blink?!  Editors must comb through hours of footage during post-production to edit out any unintentional blinking of any optically sensitive walkers.

 To help achieve the zombie dead eye look, each actor has a pair of hand-painted contact lenses.  There are 60 pairs in total and they are supposed to last an entire season.  New lenses are created at the beginning of each season and the actors better not lose them!

The word ‘zombie’ is not actually mentioned once throughout the whole six seasons. Instead the undead are referred to as walkers but also receive a few other choice nicknames including, Lamebrains, Biters, Rotters, Lurkers, Roamers and Geeks. 

Each actor who plays a walker in the series has to go to ‘zombie school.’ This is where they learn that special walker walk. This gives a chance for the American fan base to attend and  have a go at being walkers themselves, just as long as they have the right ‘look and performance’ according to Special Makeup Effects artist, Greg Nicotera. 

The ‘human flesh’ the walkers eat is obviously not really from a human. No one is expecting the extras to become cannibals... instead they get to chomp down on delicious ham soaked in vinegar.

 In a rather nice tradition, whenever a main character is killed off on the show, the cast and crew have a huge 'Last Supper' dinner on the day they film their death scenes to celebrate! 

While having meals during shooting, the human actors eat separately from the ‘dead’ actors, to keep the sense of distinction. Plus, it’s probably not pretty looking at those walker faces. whilst you eat

 Chandler Riggs’ is a 17-year-old boy who plays 17-year-old Carl Grimes his stand in and stunt double is a 31-year-old woman named Ashley! 

In order to show the passage of time, the walkers’ makeup decays more and more as the seasons progress

Makeup on The Walking Dead is no small job.  The show goes through 10 GALLONS of fake blood a week.  They have sets of thin blood and thick blood, adding KY jelly to the mixture to make thick blood and adding tights to wounds with blood to make them look like torn muscle or flesh.  It takes a line up of 4 - 5 skilled makeup artists to complete an assembly line of 40 - 50 actor zombies an hour

The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD From 26th September

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