SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP... A popular description of a cereal? Or the sound of your neck breaking? YOU DECIDE!!

There is no middle with horror movies – you either like them or despise them. Well, we are fans! Especially when we watch them in our home cinema, late at night, with all lights off – proper spooky atmosphere!
Horror movies come in different shapes and sizes and amounts of blood but a popular topic are definitely serial killers. One can not think of Jason or Freddy Krueger or “that mask from Scream” when they think of horror movies! But, which horror movie killers have been the most vicious? have gathered the top 10 and presented them in a gory fashion below.

Have you ever felt that spine-chilling feeling running through your body, that you can’t even move? Have you ever had that sensation of someone standing just behind you that you could even feel his breath? Thrilling experiences, ah! 
If you are someone who totally avoids any scary situation, you might reconsider it since being horrified can even be considered healthy for your life. Jake Deutsch, an emergency physician in New York, explains how your brain acts when identifies a threat. The adrenaline released puts your body in “survival mode”. Afterwards, it releases norepinephrine, a hormone known for keeping you focused instead of panicked.

Actually, it makes complete sense that when your body is in check, it’s more aware of what’s around, ready to react instantly or even predict what’s going to happen and go ahead of time.

Whether you are a horror movie fan or just adding this practise to your healthy lifestyle, I’d recommend to plan your next scary movie night wisely and carefully if you are looking for a truly horrifying experience.

Time, place and company are the turning points here!

Of course, it does matter where and when you organise it. It’s not the same watching a horror movie at your grandma’s on a Sunday afternoon after a family meal, and staying at your friend’s for a scary movie marathon night. That seems pretty obvious, I know, but keep it in mind since the devil is in the details – never better said!

The company also makes the difference. And by the company, I’m referring to everybody who is there with you. I mean, everybody. Even the ones “in” the movie and, specifically, the villain.

The bad one, that dangerous murderer who will make your hair stand on end the whole film, can be the turning point for a “perfect” terrifying experience.

What about toys, adorable kids games, once you have watched The Child’s Play Series or The SAW Series? Not so adorable anymore!. Just as staying at college studying until late or going to the supermarket before they close - not a good idea once you watched Scream Series with a bunch of friends.

Think about Dr. Lecter, even though he wasn’t the main murderer in  The Silence Of The Lambs, that look on Hannibal’s face makes us all shudder. Moreover, just like him, Michael Myers in  Halloween Series, or Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street Series, who became “faces” that have gone down in history, because of their gory character.

In fact, The Leprechaun Series or The Invisible Man (1933) are just a couple of examples of movies and movie series titled by the murderer’s name since he has such an important role in it. How could  you not have those movies in  your spooky plan?

No spoilers here, as we've already showed you the images but check out this infographic showing a quick body count of the most bloody horror movie serial killers over the years so you can find your perfect match for some random Friday The 13th movie night or a walk to the inferno with The Hellraiser.

Thanks to Katie at SeatUp for allowing us to share... #DontBeNormal BE PARANORMAL!!

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