Beer bellies, man boobs, greying beards and double chins ... the worries of a modern day male ghost hunter...

Apparently, researchers have found the best and worst things about being a male ghost hunter...

So anyway, what do they say, Men are from Venus and Women are from Mars, or is is Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. I don't know. Suffice to say male and female ghost hunters are different to each other and now some research has been done to find out what the best and worst things are about being a male ghost hunter, a man who seeks spooks, a mister who walks into places that may or may or not be haunted and talks to spooks that may or may not be there using equipment that may or may not work. 

BUT it's not all bad is it... Being able to go to a pub alone, not having to straighten your hair everytime you ghost hunt and enjoying paranormal banter with 'the boys' have emerged among a list of the best things about being a ghosthunting bloke, according to research. Watching footie with the lads and being able to get ready for a spot of ghost hunting in ten minutes also appeared in the list of 40 benefits of being a male spookseeker. The study of 2,000 ghost hunting blokes also revealed bargain haircuts, being ‘man of the haunted house’ and playing with Lego Ghostbusters and Nerf guns without being 'judged' are all plus points of living life as a guy who hunts ghosts.
Tom Bell, co-founder of Skinny Brands, which commissioned the research, said: “We wanted to really get into the psyche of ghost hunting men – find out what they love and what makes them tick. “Our research confirmed blokes still love a trip to their local with the lads as a chance to get away and enjoy a bit of banter and a few drinks”
Millions of men agree having a beard, worrying less about your figure and not having to ‘put your face on’ were also among the top reasons which make being a bloke great. Men also agreed age is much kinder to them, grey hair “adds character” to a ghost hunter, and being able to grow beard to cover up your double chin are all pros of being a chap who spends his nights in haunted locations. The female traits of giving birth and ‘time of the month’, which fellas never have to be concerned about, took the top two spots of blokey benefits.
The study, conducted via, also found the worst things about being a man with going bald and getting a beer belly topping the list above the pain of getting kicked in the groin by a succubus. Completing the top five were having ‘man boobs’ and being expected to fix things like K2 meters and EVP thingies. 
Also appearing in the list of bad things about being a bloke were feeling like you can’t show your emotions, men don't cry on a live ghost hunt on social media do they? (ahem) and how people will assume life is easier for guys. That being said, 44 per cent agree men have it easier in life than women with just six per cent saying it’s hard being a bloke. Over one third admit they feel pressure to live up to the ghost hunting male stereotype, more than those who feel anxiety around being more open to showing emotions. As a result, four in five agree man’s role in society is changing with 47 per cent claiming guys are less manly than they were 10 years’ ago.
Tom Bell added: “Despite the increasing pressure on men to look good, they don’t want to miss out on the social aspects of going to the pub. Choosing a lower calorie option that still delivers on flavour and strength, is great solution for many men”.

Top 40 best things about being a ghost hunting man: 
1. Not having to deal with 'time of the month'
2. Not having to give birth
3. Not having expensive haircuts
4. Not having to shave your legs, armpits etc. 
5. Being able to go to the pub on your own
6. You can wear the same pair of shoes every day and feel happy and comfortable
7. You can wee anywhere 
8. Being able to get ready to go out in ten minutes
9. Not having to queue for the loo
10. Not having to 'put our face on'
11. Lad banter
12. Being able to get ready for ghost hunting in ten minutes
13. Watching footie with mates
14. You don't have to think as much about work-dress codes
15. Being able to have a four minute phone conversation and say absolutely everything that needs to be said
16. You can go to the toilet without a support group
17. Clothes are generally cheaper
18. Grey hair only adds character
19. Being able to arrange a night out in ten minutes
20. You don't have to get waxed
21. Older age is kinder to men
22. Men aren't 'bitchy' when it comes to friendships
23. Not worrying so much about your figure
24. Watching other live sporting events with friends
25. You can go shirtless on a hot day
26. Fewer fashion trends to choose from
27. Not having to straighten your hair
28. Lads holidays
29. Boobs not getting in the way.
30. Being able to grow a beard
31. Not having to try clothes on before you buy them
32. Being able to be chivalrous
33. Being asked to do 'manly jobs' like unscrewing K2 Meters to put batteries in
34. Catching up with their bloke mates without having to tell each other everything
35. Men don't gossip WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Like hell they don't...
36. People accept you have your own 'man space' such as a garage or shed
37. It's okay if you break wind amongst your male peers
38. Nobody worries if you're in your mid-thirties and still single
39. Everything in the world is black or white - there are no grey areas APART FROM THEIR HAIR
40. You can play with Lego and Nerf guns as a grown up and not be judged
Top 10 worst things about being a man:
1. Going bald
2. Beer belly
3. The pain experienced when getting kicked in the groin
4. Man boobs
5. Being expected to fix paranormal equipment
6. Cutting your face shaving
7. People assuming life is easier for men
8. Feeling like you can't show your emotions
9. Being judged when showing your emotions
10. Being told to 'man up'
#dontbenormal BE PARANORMAL, blog written by Paul Stevenson, yes him.. Thanks to Skinny Brands / One Poll for the research, of course the research is for all me, we just used "artistic paranormal licence" to be artistic in a kind of paranormally licence-y sort of way. 

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