Just when you thought it was safe to turn back on your television… the channel for the paranormal, proper paranormal is bringing you so much paranormal than you can shake a ghostly stick at..

There's no denying the growth of Paranormal on Quest Red, just 7 months old, the channel is now becoming the channel for paranormal, new shows, premieres, different styles, top stars who engage with their fans on social media AND not just the same old repeats again and again and again. Paranormal tops the viewing figures for Quest Red most weeks.

Now they are being even bolder and braver with #LockdownShockdown, their very own twitter hashtag to kick off their paranormal fest and a very special Facebook Live event, a ghost hunt, featuring UK Ghost Hunters Haun7edLIVE at one of the most popular and spookiest locations in the UK.

James, Pete, Lee, Andy, Paul, Jason & Simon
Facebook LIVE is a modern and fantastic way of taking the audience on a Ghost Hunt, not 45 minutes of edited footage, it's live, raw and completely unedited, what you see is what you get. Haun7edLIVE are renowned for their LIVE ghost hunts on Facebook and a joint Quest Red / Haun7edLIVE is the perfect way to kick off #LockdownShockdown.

The three hour LIVE starts 9pm on Wednesday the 1st of November and Quest Red / Haun7edLIVE would love you to join in. You can watch by going to www.facebook.com/questredtv

BUT before the #LockdownShockdown Quest Red are whetting your appetite with a UK Premier, a Halloween Special of Copycat Killers. Just to tease you.. to make sure you're ready for the main event. 

COPYCAT KILLERS, Halloween Special
Saturday 28th October, 10pm on Quest Red UK PREMIERE
Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween" takes bloodshed to the next level. It follows Michael Myers, a terrifying serial killer, who has a bone to pick with the world, and he starts with his family. While horror lovers watch it for the violence, one teenager, Jake Evans, watches it for motivation. But Jake will soon discover that real life doesn't unfold like the movies or does it

Quest Red brings you four nights of the most thrilling, chilling, spine-tingling shows, kicking off on Thursday 2nd November with PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN: Yorkshire Haunting Special (Thurs, 9pm)

PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, Yorkshire Haunting Special
Thursday 2nd November, 9pm on Quest Red CHANNEL PREMIERE
A year after investigating a demonic presence in Hinsdale, New York, Paranormal Investigator Nick Groff still feels the lingering effects of the harrowing encounter. As the hauntings escalate in his own home and his findings point to an unexpected source, Nick and Katrina must travel to Pontefract, England, and the Black Monk House at 30 East Drive, home to the world's most notorious poltergeist haunting. Stretching themselves physically and mentally in the longest televised paranormal investigation in history, Nick and Katrina spend 100 hours locked in the Black Monk House, in an attempt to come face to face with the dangerously violent demonic entity, and rid themselves of it forever.

Thursday 2nd November, 11pm on Quest Red CHANNEL PREMIERE
Throughout history and across culture, mankind has come in to contact with the unknown... shadowy entities that plague individuals until their dying days, or strange and deviant creatures with immense power. Follow one of the world's only demon hunters, Dwayne Claud, as he travels across the US investigating present day, terrifying cases of demonic possession. For many, demonic possession can plague individuals for months, years and in some cases, an entire lifetime. When science can't provide the answers, many turn to the demonologist as the last resort.

Friday 3rd November, 11pm on Quest Red CHANNEL PREMIERE
In 1974, one of the most legendary horror films of the century was released into cinemas, and instilled a fear of the paranormal into every audience that saw it. Now, over 30-years later, a live televised exorcism will revisit the story and the frightening house that inspired the iconic movie ‘The Exorcist’. No one has ever attempted to cleanse the house of the spirits and demons that remain there…until now. Join a team of paranormal experts, including Nick Groff and The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, as they undertake the most terrifying exorcism of their careers.

Saturday 4th November, 9pm on Quest Red CHANNEL PREMIERE
Investigating abandoned insane asylums is dangerous and downright terrifying. Who better to lead us on this quest than the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, a fearless band of redneck brothers out to provoke and hunt down every chain rattling ghost, wailing ghoul and terrifying apparition by any conceivable technique even if that means using themselves as bait. This episode sees them investigate Preston Castle Reformatory School, whose one hundred and seventeen years of operation were bloody and violent as numerous boys and staffers were killed.

Sunday 5th November, 9pm on Quest Red CHANNEL PREMIERE
This three-part series will play back-to-back for a night of pure terror. HELL HOUSE focuses in on homes that have witnessed harrowing crimes, including bloody rampages, mysterious disappearances, strange "accidents", and murder after horrific murder...all within the home's four walls. Viewers will enter the lavish Greystone Mansion, who’s bloody history has been plagued by murder, suicide, and unexplainable accidents, as well as the Old Louisville home of a prominent doctor with a deadly bedside manner.

DON' T FORGET TO use the #LockdownShockdown hashtag to contribute to the social media chat, becuase there's bound to be plenty. Quest Red is on Freeview 38, Freesat 169, Sky 162, Virgin 215 and BT TV 38


the future is fright, the future is RED, the future is Quest Red ....

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