Apparently, the South East is home to most haunted places in UK!

Celebrate the new Ghostbusters film with this ghastly guide to the most haunted hot spots in Britain. As the blockbuster returns with its all-female cast, the spookiest UK destinations have been ranked on a ‘spook scale’, indicating scare factor levels based on previous encounters with the spirits.

The study, compiled by money-saving website, looked in particular at female ghosts, and the stories behind their hauntings, to reveal that the South East has the most traumatised souls in the country.
Budding Ghostbusters can seek out these female spirits, ticking off this extensive list at their own risk.
Spine-Chilling South East: Amongst the tranquil South East scenery lurks a number of terrifying tales. The Screaming Lady of Hampton Court Palace, more familiarly known as Catherine Howard, really brings history to life with her piercing screams regaled in the gallery. While no less than four female ghosts will keep you on your toes in Pluckley village in Kent, leaving no place to hide for those who scare easily.

Visit Hampton Court Palace, Richmond, Surrey £21/£19.80 (on the gate/online purchase)

Creepy Capital: Venturing towards the cackling capital will not leave budding ghostbusters disappointed. The Tower of London is a good place to start, where you may meet the headless spirit of Anne Boleyn, or the notorious Arabella Stuart in the Queen’s House. Plus you’ll get more than a Thames view when you get in the lift at The Savoy, London, which is manned by the spirit of a little girl.

Visit the Tower of London £23.£21.30 (on the gate/online purchase)A night in the Savoy costs between £381-£671

Nightmarish North West: The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool seems to have the most mischievous resident spirits. One ghoul may be caught ruthlessly rooting through your belongings in the early hours, while another may spell-bindingly stroke your hair.

A night in The Adelphi Hotel costs between £41 and £82

Night Terror North East: Many of these legends will bring a tear to your eye, with several of these spirits meeting their end after being mistreated by loved ones. One of the saddest tales is that of Constance de Beverly, a nun at Whitby Abbey who, after falling in love, subsequently broke the sacred vows she made to her religious order. Bricked up alive in a dungeon as punishment, her ghost has been spotted in the stairwell cowering and begging for freedom.

Visit Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire, for £7.90

Spooky South-West: If you’re visiting Devon this summer, Berry Pomeroy Castle is certainly not for the faint hearted. The castle is inhabited by at least two tormented souls. The more notorious is that of Margaret Pomeroy, known since her death as the White Lady, whose sister imprisoned and starved her to death over jealousy of her beauty. The second is the Blue Lady, believed to be the daughter of one of the Norman castle lords. She was raped and impregnated by her father, and when she gave birth, strangled the baby. Her spirit lures visitors into different parts of the castle in order to get them lost from their group.

Visit the Berry Pomeroy Castle in South Devon for £6.20

Shane Forster, Voucherbox UK Country Manager stated: “Most of us have grown up hearing ghost stories and tales, something which the UK, brimming with history, has an abundance of. Inspired by the release of Ghostbusters, we’ve discovered a lot of these tales star a female protagonist.

The great thing for budding ghostbusters is that all these places are accessible to visit. Before heading to these attractions and hotels, it’s worth having a hunt online for travel, accommodation and entry deals as there are some great offers available.”

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