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  • Found in the haunted attic of disgraced medium, images prove existence of ghosts
  • For the first time EVER, 100% bona fide ghost pictures from the 1920s have been revealed on social media....
  • Paranormal Scientists say breakthrough means that we all "might as well pack up and go home"
  • Inventor of the Ghost Ark says "typical, we bring out the best gadget ever and it means nothing"
  • Disgraced Mediums seen sticking two fingers up to the paranormal world shouting "WE F***ING TOLD YOU"
  • Haunted Magazine secures first ever interview with a ghost who promises to reveal ALL
  • Jon Donnis, well known sceptic goes into hiding
  • Paranormal events companies considering offering FREE places for Ghosts

Haunted Digital Magazine editor Paul Stevenson says "we're delighted to bring these genuine ghost images to the public's attention, for far too long images have been photo-shopped, touched up, brushed up and are clearly fake. When we discovered these WE KNEW straight away that we had the find of the century and we are so happy to share them with you"
From the 1840s to 1920s, the belief that the spirits of the dead could reach out and communicate with our earthly plane through human agents reached its peak. A preoccupation of the middle and upper classes in Britain and the US, spiritualists attended séances in homes, theatres and lecture halls conducted by “mesmerists” and mediums who they hoped would put them in touch with their long-departed loved ones… for a fee. (unlike Haunted Magazine, which is FREE!!!)
These pictures were taken by legendary medium William Hope Hodgson and clearly show that his outing as charlatan in 1922 was indeed nothing more than a ruse by people who didn't want people to know the truth.
William Hope, born 1863 in Crewe, Cheshire, was a pioneer of ‘spirit photography’ and in the aftermath of World War I he supposedly exploited the newly grieving men and women of England by producing photographs which ‘captured’ spectral figures looming over the vulnerable mourners.
Comprehensively outed as a charlatan in 1922 by a Society for Psychical Research team led by paranormal investigator Harry Price, which proved that Hope was using double exposure and swapping out the photography plates for a pre-existing one with a suitably spooky image. However with the likes of Sherlock Holmes creator and spiritualist devotee Arthur Conan Doyle fighting his corner, Hope continued his fraudulent practice until his death in 1933.
One so-called paranormal scientist, who wishes to remain anonymous says "we owe a massive apology to William, without doubt these pictures prove that ghosts are real and the fact that I have spent the last 30 years studying the paranormal and that it has been a complete waste of time should make William laugh in his grave"
One so-called medium, who also wishes to remain anonymous told us "YEAH, f**king fantastic news, the shit that I have got over the last few years has been fully undeserved, I will be touring again real soon and putting my prices up big time, you bastards"
"Being the biggest* paranormal magazine out there, fighting for the truth, championing the paranormal and bring the paranormal to a whole new generation we hope that everyone can see that ghosts are real and they can be captured on camera, please share this information and shout it from your rooftops "GHOSTS EXISTS, THESE PICTURES PROVE IT""
Notes to Editors (and anyone who is reading): Haunted Magazine is a free paranormal magazine that is free and is about the paranormal, being free and being about the paranormal it allows us to be free and talk about the paranormal to a massive audience, with over 90,000 downloads / reads online the free magazine about the paranormal which is free and is called Haunted it is by far the most read, most downloaded magazine that is free and about the paranormal.
*it's true we are the biggest paranormal magazine, stack us up against the others and we're 0.25cm taller than the rest, it's official!!
******PRESS EMBARGOED UNTIL 1st April 00:01******
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Remember, this is not the end of the paranormal world, you can still go ghost hunting, however those taps, bangs and creaks you thought were old pipes, old buildings, old floorboards aren't actually that. Please remember that.

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