Issue 3 - When Haunted Did Frightfest 13

Well here it is - Issue 3 of the world's only online digital magazine that takes a fun and fresh look at all things scary, spooky and ghostly blending both the paranormal and horror worlds fusing them to become one. Priced at just £1.99, there really is no other magazine that can match us for quality and quantity. We've got them all - zombies, vampires, ghosts, monsters and aliens, they all feature in the magazine and they rub shoulders with celebrity interviews, film reviews, historical features and stories and legends of old. We even have our first world exclusive - interviews with the cast of brand new ITV2 paranormal themed comedy drama "Switch" and the amazing Soska Sisters who wowed Film4 Frightfest with their second feature "American Mary" - There are a plethora of fantastic interviews with well-known names and faces and some not so well-known names and faces but inspired and entertaining, none the less.

We really believe that we are on the cusp of something amazing here, the paranormal and horror worlds share many similarities and yet have their own identity - by creating our very own paranormal and horror pic'n'mix we believe that we have got something for everyone - we're embracing the digital format, leaping into it before any of our rivals and contemparies do - WELCOME, READ and ENJOY your very own slice of paranormal pie with a good old dollop of horror thrown in for good measure. And thanks for your continued support!

And remember: Don't Be Normal - BE PARANORMAL!!! Available from the App stores.

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