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Haunted 15 Order in Print!

ORDER Haunted Magazine #15 in print and you could win the chance to spend the night in the most popular haunted location of 2015. This location has been the most talked about haunted location this year and most dates are already booked for 2016. That’s right, YOU and 3 friends could be spending the night at 30 East Drive, the home of the Black Monk of Pontefract, the residence of Fred the Poltergeist, the lodgings of Mr Nobody. 100s of paranormal investigations teams and companies have investigated this place, now it’s YOUR time, the house is yours for 18 hours. No teams with you, no one telling you what to do. YOU CHOOSE WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO AND HOW YOU DO IT. It would normally cost each person between £40-70 per person via paranormal event companies. NOW IT'S YOUR HOUSE. YOUR WAY. YOUR RULES. How to Enter:
Purchase a printed copy of Haunted Magazine issue 15 (various options for you to choose) and we will draw the winner. They AND 3 friends will win this unique prize, all for the cost of a print magazine. GOOD LUCK, you will need it. Oh and good luck for the competition too.

            UK £4.99
            Euro €7.10
            US $7.50

Issue 15 - Jack The Ripper

The wait is over. Haunted Magazine issue 15 has stepped out of the shadows and is slowly walking up behind you, your footsteps quicken as you hear its footsteps behind you, you daren’t look behind you, even though you want to. You can feel your heartbeat racing, is it nervousness or is it excitement, is it a mixture of both, you’ve been waiting for this moment for a few months now, the time is close, the time is now.

The best paranormal magazine of its generation is whispering in your ear “Read Me”, sending shudders down your spine. Issue 15 is here.

We are FREE magazine about the paranormal and consider it our duty and privilege to take you on a spooky journey with 76 pages of things that go bump in the night from cover to end. ENJOY!!

And remember #dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!