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DOES MY TUNIC LOOK BIG IN THIS? Indulge your inner Norse-issist

Ragnar the Viking launches York Selfie Trail

Ragnar the Viking launches the UK’s first Selfie Trail

Visitors offered ten of York’s most iconic Selfie locations 
with new online interactive map

Find the pavement footprints to get the best iconic shots of York


With the Sixth Season of The Walking Dead leaving us on a massive cliff-hanger, the question we’re all asking ourselves is “who did Negan off?” Unfortunately Haunted Magazine can’t answer that but we may be able to answer a few others like “why aren’t Walkers allowed to blink?” and “how do they all happen to have the same walk?” Well, to celebrate the home entertainment release of The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season which will be hitting shelves on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 26th September we now have all the answers. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about The Walking Dead...

Issue 16 - Women in Paranormal!

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Women, women, women, you can't live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female version of Postman Pat, they have delivered.

This issue we are celebrating girly ghosthunters, spooky sisters and the women of the Paranormal world, from Lorraine Warren writing our editorial to the new Ghostbusters to the The Living and the Dead, this i
ssue is crammed with more females than you'd find in the lift to the Chippendale's VIP

We expected emotion, passion, humour and spookiness and we got emotion, passion, humour and spookiness AND so much more.

There may be no proof that ghosts exist but we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Men are from Mars and Women are from Haunted Magazine.

And remember. #dontbenormal - BE PARANORMAL!


(no it's not a spelling mistake ... read on)

Since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws took a chunk out of the box-office in 1975, shark films have become a genre in their own right. It’s because of the way they’re shown on screen that sharks have a reputation for being carnivorous killing machines, but in reality they generally only bite humans by accident. Whether you love them because they’re easy-to watch-popcorn thriller fodder or because you prefer entertainment over quality, shark films are here to stay.

Is Derren Brown's Ghost Train on the right track?

The Ghost Train is a seaside classic ride, immortalised by any one born in the 1970s as one of the classics, on par with the Waltzer, the Big Wheel and the Speedway (remember that one?). You sit down, you're secured in and you enter a dark foreboding place, driven around on a track, dangly bits of pretend cobwebs hit you in the face, groans, moans, faces that light up, demonic laughts AND I am sure at some point the staff go in and touch you, the bleeders. Then you come out of the dark and into the light saying "again, again, again", your Dad, his face now a sickening pale of white from fear barters with you "how about some Candy Floss?" and reluctantly you give in.

Forget Skeletons In the Closet, it's all about Cats Up Your Chimney Now!!

From guard cats to shoes up chimneys: how to protect your home from fairies and witches

Discovered within the wall of a house in Hertfordshire
A cat bricked up in a wall. An old shoe perched up a chimney breast. A figurine hidden in the rafters. A braid of human hair hanging in the attic. These are just some examples The Concealed Revealed Project is currently trying to catalogue and map these odd hidden items, and the numbers are reaching the thousands of the many weird, wonderful and in some instance downright disturbing objects that people have found concealed within their homes during renovations.