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Here at Haunted Magazine, we take ghost hunting and the paranormal very extremely bloody seriously, I hope it shows in how we conduct ourselves in the paranormal circus?

So, we want to find out how much are ghost hunters worth, now we've all heard the saying YOU ARE WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD yes? Which means that if you're a skinny fella then you're not really worth that much, but if you're more robust and solid then there's a decent chance that you're going to be worth more in gold than johnny-thin-fella.


**ALERT: NON PARANORMAL STORY FOLLOWS** ...But it is still interesting and something to get your teeth into...

She’s almost as famous as Father Christmas and the Easter bunny, but just how old is the tooth fairy ritual and why did pillows become the hiding place of choice? Plus survey reveals that while half of the UK currently leaves a shiny £1 coin per tooth, more than 20% of British kids are getting between £2 and £5 per tooth – that’s up to around £100 per child by the time they’ve lost all of their baby teeth!

Now That's What I Call Haunted Magazine!

Define the Paranormal? Many have tried, many have failed, many are still trying and the best of luck to them. Haunted Magazine has never tried to define the paranormal, never tried to understand it and nor we will ever attempt to. It is what it is, we just surf the paranormal waves, soaking up the flotsam and jetsam that often comes with it, bottling the best bits, adding spooky dialogue, a pinch of salt, eye of a newt and all that and hey presto Haunted Magazine arrives like an orb in a china shop.

We are back, we survived 2016, not that we are saying that we are celebrities but we are quite well thought of in Milton Keynes, we have a couple of fans in Berwick-upon-Tweed and apparently there's a Haunted Magazine fan club in Prestatyn. 

Will this be the first and last ever Ghost Hunt at Britain's oldest shop?

Haunted locations are ten-a-penny these days, every town, city, hamlet, village lays claim to the most haunted property EVER in the histories of haunted properties. Every county also states that they are the "most haunted" county in the UK. 
The question on everyone's lips, well maybe a few of you, is "when does a location become haunted?" Does it have to be investigated first to be labelled as a paranormal place of activity? Can a demon play tricks and cause havoc in a location but because no one is there saying "did anyone see that" or "woah, what the hell was that" is it just wasting it's time, does it want and need and thrive an audience?

HELP US!! Our Facebook page is being kidnapped by a Paranormal Team!!

Social media, it's been around for a few years now, it's like it was never not part of our lives, I can't actually remember the last time I went out of a night and there wasn't a mention of it anywhere on Facebook or Twitter.
If a group of people go out into the woods and a tree falls down BUT no one captures it on photo, films it as a LIVE video or talks about it on social media.... DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN?