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Is Derren Brown's Ghost Train on the right track?

The Ghost Train is a seaside classic ride, immortalised by any one born in the 1970s as one of the classics, on par with the Waltzer, the Big Wheel and the Speedway (remember that one?). You sit down, you're secured in and you enter a dark foreboding place, driven around on a track, dangly bits of pretend cobwebs hit you in the face, groans, moans, faces that light up, demonic laughts AND I am sure at some point the staff go in and touch you, the bleeders. Then you come out of the dark and into the light saying "again, again, again", your Dad, his face now a sickening pale of white from fear barters with you "how about some Candy Floss?" and reluctantly you give in.

Pre-Order Haunted 16 Now Available

Not long now folks, Haunted Magazine issue 16 is making its way to the printers in the next few days and we can’t wait to show you this issue, we say it every issue but this is our best issue yet.

The femme fatales of the paranormal world have written some fantastic features and we’ve sprinkled our haunted magazine magic over them and hey presto, et voila Haunted Magazine Issue 16 is nearly ready.

We are printing a limited edition quantity of 500 copies only and once they’ve gone they’re gone. Remember the magazine is a FREE digital magazine should you not wish to pay for a printed version but we always get people asking “is there a print version”, “I would love to read this in print”, so you spoke and we listened. We didn’t want to go down the road of printing thousands of copies for no reason, and anyway 500 copies make it more of a collectable thing, you never know in years to come it could actually be worth something. SO KEEP HOLD OF IT!!

We are launching the print pre-order today because we have had a very high demand for the print magazine and we want to give people time to purchase it. We are trying to make it as cheap as we possibly can, taking into account, printing, postage and distribution costs so that you can enjoy the magazine without having to pay a fortune. We hope you think that it is worth it.

We have three price brackets: UK, Europe and USA / Rest of the World and each of those brackets
we are giving you the choice of two postage options, normal delivery and tracked delivery, postage terms and conditions are on the website. We do recommend tracked delivery as this stops those paranormal loving postmen and women from taking your magazine.

Thank YOU so much for your continued support, to us the paranormal is a fun, entertaining and scary world, if we can transfer a bit of those three into the magazine then our job is done.

#dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

Paul and Andy
Haunted Magazine
Dead Good Publishing Ltd

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2nd Class Postage USA and Rest of the World

Forget Skeletons In the Closet, it's all about Cats Up Your Chimney Now!!

From guard cats to shoes up chimneys: how to protect your home from fairies and witches

Discovered within the wall of a house in Hertfordshire
A cat bricked up in a wall. An old shoe perched up a chimney breast. A figurine hidden in the rafters. A braid of human hair hanging in the attic. These are just some examples The Concealed Revealed Project is currently trying to catalogue and map these odd hidden items, and the numbers are reaching the thousands of the many weird, wonderful and in some instance downright disturbing objects that people have found concealed within their homes during renovations.



Apparently, the South East is home to most haunted places in UK!

Celebrate the new Ghostbusters film with this ghastly guide to the most haunted hot spots in Britain. As the blockbuster returns with its all-female cast, the spookiest UK destinations have been ranked on a ‘spook scale’, indicating scare factor levels based on previous encounters with the spirits.

The study, compiled by money-saving website, looked in particular at female ghosts, and the stories behind their hauntings, to reveal that the South East has the most traumatised souls in the country.
Budding Ghostbusters can seek out these female spirits, ticking off this extensive list at their own risk.



At last, the wait is over, we can now reveal the cover for issue 16 of Haunted Magazine and we thank YOU so much for your paranormal patience and we hope that it has been worth the wait.

Issue 16 is our Women in Paranormal special themed issue, we pay tribute to the female of the species by letting the femme fatales of the paranormal world take over the magazine and add some lippy, eyeliner and blusher to it.


Guess what, we have a guest blogger, we are truly honoured and humbled that Christina Henry wants to write for our page. YES she wants to promote her new books, that goes without saying but this is so much better than an advert, it’s different, it’s fun, it’s fresh and it gives me the chance to have a little power nap…

Here you go Christina, the floor, the stage, the space is yours…

THE CLAWS THAT CATCH by Christina Henry, YES that’s me. I am so happy to be given the chance to write on the Haunted Magazine webpage, not only am I big fan of the magazine and of the paranormal in general I get to promote my new books for FREE, I see that as a win-win situation. So, here goes, please enjoy!!


A modern twist on the ghost story, this is what THE FORGOTTEN has been described as, haunting, chilling, horror at its most intense too. It also been described as "kitchen sink realism meets supernatural horror", we bloody love that quote, don't tell anyone but we're going to pinch it from time to time, shush though.

Now here, at Haunted Magazine, we love all things spooky and ghostly, suffice to say that we love nothing better than a good British Ghost Story. Is THE FORGOTTEN one of these, you bet your life it is.

What's also great about it is that this is the directional debut of Oliver Frampton, we caught up with the man behind THE FORGOTTEN.

Oh, and there's 3 DVDs of THE FORGOTTEN on offer too.